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The company can provide investment construction, scheme design, energy storage as well as EMS product supply and operation and maintenance service under these scenarios for energy storage participating in thermal powerfrequency modulation and wind power consumption and CCHP intelligent microgrid of user end.

China Nature Energy Storage System, EMS Energy Management System, Cloud Platform and Integrated Solution

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Energy Storage with Thermal Power Frequency Modulation

The energy storage system cooperates with the thermal power unit to participate in frequency modulation, improves the frequency modulation performance of the unit, and obtains revenue in the auxiliary service market.

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Energy Storage with New Energy Consumption

The energy storage system cooperates with wind power to realize AGC scheduling and participate in power smoothing, primary frequency modulation, peak shaving with power grid and other functions.

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CCHP Intelligent Microgrid of User End

Energy storage is combined with photovoltaic, cold storage and other equipment to charge at the low price and discharge at the peak price to realize the optimal benefit of the project.