About Nature

Focuses On The Comprehensive Service Of New Energy Electric Power Industry

Stock code 01597.HK

China Nature Energy Technology Holdings Limited

It focuses on the comprehensive service of new energy electric power industry, and was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on October 20, 2020. The stock code is 01597.HK.

The Group now has R&D, production, sales, operation, maintenance and investment teams of about 200 persons. Centering on two core industries of energy storage and wind power variable pitch control system, the Group has already established nature business network in North China, East China, South China and other regions, radiating global new energy business.

Industrial Base

Jiangyin, Wuxi

R&D, Production and Sales Center of Variable Pitch Control System;

Energy Storage Equipment Integration and Production Center;

Wind Power Aftermarket Operation and Maintenance Center.


Energy Storage R&D Center;

Comprehensive Energy System Solution Service Center;

Comprehensive Energy Project Investment Center.


Energy Storage Sales Center


Management and R&D Center

Duolun, Inner Mongolia

Wind Power Plant

Group Strategic Plan

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Capture the energy storage blue ocean market through technical service, core product integration and electrical system customer cooperation.

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Deeply cultivate global high-quality mainframe customers and maintain leading status of five suppliers in the industry.

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Continue to pay attention to other fields of new energy, such as investment and development opportunities of hydrogen energy and other green energy industries.

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Support capital operation platform and create benefits for shareholders through service, products and projects of variable pitch, energy storage and other new energy industries.