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Focuses On The Comprehensive Service Of New Energy Electric Power Industry


> Highlights of Energy Storage Technologies

· It can realize data acquisition, modeling and artificial intelligence algorithm, and then enable data based on business requirements and value orientation.
· It forms deep insight into the key points of the project from closed-loop project experience from investment, construction to operation and maintenance in various application scenes.
· Based on the deduction of power industry development policies and power system dispatching rules, a detailed investment calculation for each comprehensive energy service is formed.
· Based on the technical foundation above, it forms comprehensive energy planning design software positioning in auxiliary investment strategy, comprehensive energy resources management system positioning in safe and economic operation and intelligent energy platform positioning intelligent operation and maintenance to let comprehensive resources projects be more efficient and intelligent from investment and operation to operation and maintenance.

> Highlights of Variable Pitch Control System

·  It adopts high voltage integrated driver, integrating servo drive, IO control, bus communication, 24V power supply, brake control and charger, reduces the number of components and wire cables in the control cabinet as well as system failure rate and production cost.
·  It adopts permanent-magnet synchronous motorwith industry-leadingresponse speed and control precision, which is free of maintenance during service life.
·  It has remote communication and data collection functions, which can carry out remote analysis, fault diagnose, software optimization and upgrading, etc. 
·  It has complete ability to monitor self-health status and can discover aging components in the system in time.

Industry Advantage

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Energy Storage Business

Gather top technical team of the industry, focus on precise service of energy storage

· The company hires industrial experts, including introduced talent of national “Thousand talents plan” and academician expert of CAE, to form expert consultant committee.
· The positioning of energy storage business avoids the competition of industry giants, gives full play to the advantages of technical team and market resources, and strives to be the first in subdivided fields.

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Variable Pitch Control System Business

It has already become one of five variable pitch control system suppliers in China

·  During 2018 to 2020, the sales accounted for about 10% of the Chinese market share, ranking third in Chinese variable pitch control system market.
·  It is one of the pioneers in Chinese market to integrate soft hardware into high voltage variable pitch control system.

Production and quality advantages

· The company now has a production plant of 3,530 square meters, two automatic production lines and four quality inspection stations to guarantee100% full inspection of productssold. 
· The company now is planning to build Jiangyin Phase I modern plant of 25mu, which will be put into production in 2022 and used for production and integration of energy storage equipment and variable pitch to ensure capacity and quality stability.
· From raw materials inspection to quality inspection of finished products, strict quality control measures are adopted in the whole process, and the quality certification meets the standards specified in GB/T 19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System.

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