About Nature

Focuses On The Comprehensive Service Of New Energy Electric Power Industry

Technical Team

Focuses on the comprehensive service of new energy electric power industry,Committed to providing better solutions and services for global new energy applications.

Cheng Liquan (Chairman of the Board of Directors)

Graduated from Fudan University, he is an experienced entrepreneur and has been engaging in renewable energy sources and environmental protection industry for 16 years. 
He has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of BOQI ENV (2377.HK), Director of Liferiver (listing code: 688317), Director of Wuhan BOCH JACO Environmental Co., Ltd. (831100), and has led a number of power and energy industry investment. Now he serves as chairman of the board of directors and executive director of China Nature Energy Technology (1597.HK).

Fu Xiangrong  (Vice General Manager)

He is a senior engineer and has been focusing on management and sales of energy and environmental protection for more than 20 years.
He has worked for the Machinery Industry Department of China National General Machinery Engineering Corporation, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Guohua Power, etc., and has served as General Manager of Beijing Boqi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Director and Vice General Manager of Shanxi Shouyang Boqi Power Generation Co., Ltd. of Huayang New Material Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Pan Honghuang (Secretary of the Board)

Graduate degree with over 12 years of experience in investment management.
I have previously worked as the Investment Director of Shanghai Heheng Industrial Co., Ltd., China Minfei Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., China Industrial Water Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Longyuan Chuangquan Technology Co., Ltd.

Gao Furong (Chief Expert)

He is an introduced talent of national “Thousand talents plan”, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Vice President of Guangdong Automation Association and Doctor of McGill University in Canada. He is mainly engaged in process control, batch process modeling and control, process monitoring, fault diagnosis, optimal scheduling of comprehensive energy system and battery management system.

Feng Zhuoluo  (Industrial Counselor)

He is a Doctor of Stanford University, majoring in the research of energy storage materials. He is an introduced talent of Shenzhen Peacock Plan.He has worked for McKinsey, the Strategy Department of China Resources Group and China Resources Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd. and is now the Investment Director of IDG Energy.

Liu Bing (Technical Director)

He is a Master of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, has energy storage and intelligent resources research and working experience of 8 years, is proficient in optimal scheduling algorithm and optimal configuration design of comprehensive energy system, has rich practical experience in photovoltaic energy storage system, wind energy storage system and thermal power energy storage frequency modulation field, and has obtained 8 authorized invention patents.

Chen Xi (Technical Director)

He is a Senior Engineer, has a graduate degree, and has been engaged in technical work related to new energy equipment for 11 years. Based on independent innovation, he has made outstanding contributions to the comprehensive localization and autonomization of the electrical system of new energy equipment. While promoting the continuous improvement of the reliability of new energy equipment, he has made the production cost continuously reduce, and the results of hisR&D achievements transformed into actual market benefits are outstanding.He has won the 2017 China Power Innovation Award, 2015 Hebei Science and Technology Progress Award, and obtained 8 authorized invention patents.