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What components are needed to realize wind power generation

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Currently widely used horizontal axis wind turbines are mainly composed of impellers, speed regulating or speed limiting devices, yaw systems, transmission mechanisms, generator systems, towers, etc. As one of the typical components of wind power generation, the impeller is generally composed of 2- Composed of 3 blades and a hub, its function is to convert wind energy into mechanical energy; the hub is the hub of the impeller and the connection between the root of the blade and the main shaft; all the forces transmitted from the blades are transmitted to the transmission system through the hub, and then transmitted To the object driven by the wind turbine.

In many cases, it is required that no matter how the wind speed changes, the speed always remains constant or does not exceed a certain limit value. Therefore, speed regulation and speed limit devices are used. When the wind speed is too high, these devices are also used to limit the power and reduce the force acting on the impeller.

The entire yaw system of wind power generation is composed of a motor and a speed reduction mechanism, a yaw adjustment system and a torsion cable protection device. The yaw adjustment system includes standard and yaw system adjustment software. The wind vane has a corresponding pulse signal for each wind direction. The yaw direction and yaw angle are determined by the yaw system adjustment software, and then the yaw signal is amplified, and the wind turbine platform is rotated through the deceleration mechanism until the wind direction is aligned.

The transmission system of wind power generation devices generally includes low-speed shafts, high-speed shafts, gearbox couplings and brakes. The mechanical energy generated by the impeller is transmitted to the generator by the transmission system. The gear box is used to increase the speed of the impeller, from 20-50 rpm to 1000-1500 rpm. Its control system undertakes the task of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy, including constant speed and constant frequency generator system and variable speed constant frequency generator system.