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Zhejiang's "13th Five-Year Plan" will accelerate the development of low wind speed, large-scale intelligent and offshore wind turbines

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The Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently issued the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Reform and Development of Zhejiang Provincial Enterprises." The plan carries out relevant oriented plans for the energy industry and manufacturing industry. It proposes that Zhejiang’s 13th Five-Year Plan should vigorously promote new energy sources such as wind power, solar energy, solid oxide fuel cells, marine energy, and biomass energy, and actively develop equipment manufacturing. Accelerate the development of low-wind speed, large-capacity, intelligent wind turbines and offshore wind turbines. The following is an excerpt from the plan:

Strengthen and expand the basic guarantee industry. Give full play to the functional role of provincial enterprises, accelerate resource control and network construction, improve and optimize the basic industrial investment and financing system, and gradually build an industrial system with a complete structure, comprehensive layout and deep radiation, and promote the economic transformation of provincial enterprises in our province The basic guarantee role in development focuses on the development of large transportation, large energy, large ports and other supporting industries.

Energy industry: Actively participate in the power and oil and gas market competition, accelerate the adjustment of power supply structure, increase the proportion of nuclear power shares, clean energy installed capacity accounted for more than 90% of the total installed capacity; natural gas pipeline network has basically achieved "county-county", provincial-level pipeline network has exceeded 2500 Km, pipeline sales account for about 90% of the province's sales. Vigorously promote new energy sources such as wind power, solar energy, solid oxidized fuel cells, marine energy, biomass energy, charging piles, smart grids, distributed energy integrated supply stations (grids), energy industry cities, energy environmental governance and other new energy business formats, The cultivation and development of new technologies. Energy Group, Electromechanical Group, etc. are the main enterprises.

Doing fine and optimizing traditional advantageous industries. Further enhance the vitality and competitiveness of traditional advantageous industries, promote the in-depth integration of manufacturing and service industries, informatization and industrialization, strengthen product innovation and model innovation, strive to cultivate platform-based integrated competitive advantages, and enhance the economic transformation of provincial enterprises in our province The service leading role in the development, focusing on the development of trade circulation, manufacturing, tourism, construction, security and other industries

Manufacturing industry: increase the integration, service-oriented and intelligent development of traditional manufacturing industries, strengthen brand leadership, and promote the transformation of enterprises from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing, and gradually develop into a collection of products, services, support and knowledge. Strengthen and expand the fluorine chemical and petrochemical new material industries, actively develop the equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate the development of low-speed, large-capacity, intelligent wind turbines and offshore wind turbines, transform and develop the steel industry, and promote high-end, differentiated, and distinctive products To comprehensively improve product technology, process equipment, energy efficiency and environmental protection. Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group, Juhua Group, Electromechanical Group, Transportation Group, and Construction Group are the main enterprises.