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Energy storage system solutions

Energy storage system solutions

>Smooth out fluctuations in new energy
>Track planned power generation
>Primary frequency modulation, secondary frequency modulation
>Solve the problem of wind and light waste
>Implementing AVC with SVG

Our advantages


01 High energy ratio

International battery cell supplier; Superior liquid cooling plus 10-cluster layout

02 Low risk

New LFP cells; 800+ real-time monitoring points; Multiple security certifications; Multi-level system security control

03 Long life

Excellent liquid cooling effectively alleviates the series barrel effect of battery cells; The maximum cycle life can reach 8000 times

04 Core temperature control

Excellent liquid-cooled cell temperature difference ≤3K; Evaluation of the optimal state of intelligent liquid cooler; Adaptive operation, 50% reduction in auxiliary energy consumption

05 Cloud management

Cloud configuration, online upgrade; Operational data in the palm of your hand

06 Easy to scale

Multiple sets of on-demand step-by-step access; One access and multiple extensions


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