Jiangsu Nature Zhenyuan Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd.

The company is affiliated with China Naquan Energy Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. (01597. HK) and is committed to becoming a global provider of smart energy storage software and hardware product research and development, manufacturing, sales, and smart energy solution services. The company has formed a one-stop turnkey capability from the DC side to the AC side to EMS cloud services through fully independent research and development.
The 13000 square meter modern factory located in Wuxi, with the module pack line located in a clean constant temperature and humidity factory, ensures stable performance during product assembly and testing. 

The production line is equipped with a full line MES system to collect and monitor product status information throughout the time. The company has the production and testing capabilities from module, pack, container integration, and the entire energy storage system.

The 48 series of liquid cooling packs and 52 series of liquid cooling packs independently developed by the company have three major characteristics: high efficiency, high safety, and long lifespan, and are compatible with up to 1C charging and discharging; The product has passed international certifications including UN38.3, IEC62619, and CE. The independently developed liquid cooled energy storage container has a single tank capacity of 3.44MWh, and the system has passed UN3536 certification.
At present, the company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with China Communications Industry Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and Guoneng Longyuan Electric Co., Ltd. to conduct comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in energy storage business development, energy storage system supply, cooperative research and development, and other aspects.

Nature Zhenyuan Energy

Smart Energy Storage Solutions

Full station turnkey capability;

Independent intellectual property modules, packs, and complete systems;

EMS, smart energy storage cloud management platform;